wanita itu. siapakah dirimu?

Malaikat?bukan. iblis? tergantung dia pilih jadi apa, mengikuti siapa. Hawa nafsu apa rabb-nya.Dia Ciptaan Sang Maha Kuasa yang sangat kompleks , bagi saya . Siapa dia ? nilai apa yang dia pegang? siapa temannya? Apa yang dia lakukan? Apa yang dia inginkan dalam hidup? Apa yang membuat dia sedih? Apa yang membuat dia senang? Kebaikan apa yang dia ingin lakukan? Dan bentuk rasa sayang seperti apa yang ingin dia bagi untuk insan dan rakyat bumi?Tentu hanya dari Ibu ku, guru-guru ku , dan teman-teman perempuan ku yang ku tahu dan juga sosok wanita dalam sejarah yang menjadi acuan dalam mempelajari siapa dirimu. Memang wanita selalu menarik dan menjadi dambaan hati dan akhirnya menjadi pendamping, teman setia, maupun lawan bicara. Siapakah dirimu untukku di jagat dunia yang fana ini?Semua bintang dan cahaya akan bersaksi meski aku hanyalah tanah hitam busuk dan pekat yang telah menyakiti hatimu. im sorry


A truth within a lie

As many people believe in the truth, I do believe in it too. As a truth is a lie unfolded. Within a lie, a disaster is waiting and haunting to approach in thin air.  It will haunt not only hurt the ones you know, but suffer your love ones too, if  they are considered as a love one, and of course your self too, unless you’ve made your own heart blindfolded. But yet , yes with love, forgiveness, kindness, persistence, honesty, braveness, patience, & sacrifice, thus a holy love can be found, and only in the grounds of yesterday the horror of disaster shall be and a new glorious hope of dawn shall us live. At least that’s what I believe and that’s what I have witnessed and I hope any of us shall be. Especially you, the humble reader in front of me.

An honour to the noble Mr. Robert Noyce, one of the co-founder/inventor of Intel(1968) born 12th Dec 1927

This is short story of an educated man, humble, generous, religious on his childhood which has brought him to the limit, which is the sky itself, and destiny has lead his life to an honourable position in this funny world. He is Robert Noyce.  According to sources, he was born this day, 12th December 1927.  Born 3rd from 4 children, he loved math, physics, and I suppose, he was circled by a well bond with God, because his father and his mother was sons and daughters from Reverends.

As I see, He grew up passionated by his own thoughts. One time, in the summer of 1940, when he was 12, he built a boy-sized aircraft with his brother, which they used to fly from the roof of the Grinnell College stables. Later he built a radio from scratch and motorized his sled by welding a propeller and an engine from an old washing machine to the back of it. How fun is that ! :))

He finished high school at age 18 and college later earning BA in math and physics in 1949, while receiving a signal honor from his classmates: the Brown Derby Prize, which recognized him as “the senior man who earned the best grades with the least amount of work”.

Ph.D from Massachusetts Intitute of Technology was gladly recieved by Robert, having finished it so fast, he was known by his class mates as “Rapid Robert” .

Sources says that Mr. Robert Noyce and Mr. Gordon E. Moore founded Intel Corporation in 1968 when they both left Fairchild Semiconductor, the 3rd company he joined after earning his Ph.D.  Mr.  Arthur Rock, the chairman of Intel’s, the 4th company, board, and a major investor in the company said that for Intel to succeed, Intel needed Noyce, Moore and Grove. And it needed them in that order.  Mr. Noyce: the visionary, born to inspire; Mr. Moore: the virtuoso of technology; and Mr. Grove: the technologist turned management scientist.

The relaxed culture that Mr. Noyce brought to Intel was a carry-over from his style at Fairchild Semiconductor. He treated employees as family, rewarding and encouraging team work. His follow-your-bliss management style set the tone for many Valley success stories. Mr. Noyce’s management style could be called a “roll up your sleeves” style. He shunned fancy corporate cars, reserved parking spaces, private jets, offices, and furnishings in favor of a less-structured, relaxed working environment in which everyone contributed and no one benefited from lavish perquisites. By declining the usual executive perks he stood as a model for future generations of Intel CEOs. At Intel, he oversaw Tedd Hoff’s invention of the microprosessor, which was his second revolution.

In his last interview, Mr. Noyce was asked what he would do if he were “emperor” of the United States. He said that he would, among other things, “make sure we are preparing our next generation to flourish in a high-tech age. And that means education of the lowest and the poorest, as well as at the graduate school level.”

source : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Robert_Noyce with a little touch from me :D:   d(^-^)b thank you

how music advertising and movie business evolve!

This Business is huge!

1. As of November 4, 2009, District 9 had grossed an estimated $210,816,205, of which $115,646,235 was from Canada and the United States making it a huge box office success, with a revenue 7 times its original production budget of only $30 million ! [1]

2. Worldwide, the movie Transformes was the highest grossing non-sequel movie in 2007. It grossed $709.7 million, making it Michael Bay’s second highest grossing film to date, with only the sequel surpassing this amount by more than $100 million . [2]

So ! Thank You Lord, Bless Thy for the Art of Technology, Light, Colour, and People ! :))


Pengen mukul orang

Kalau Tetsu main bass cepet bgt, ngeslap pula, Donatello nya ninja turtle bisa mainin tongkatnya dengan kilat, matahari bsa menyinar dengan terangnya, gw? gw hanya bisa diem gak jelas padahal pengen pengen mukul sesuatu sekeras mungkin. gelut ama orang juga boleh. pukul rahang kanannya, rahang bawah, rahang kiri, dadanya.

Sepertinya hal ini timbu karena kekesalan pada kondisi saat ini yang dialami oleh temen-teman saya. Betapa kesalnya membayar makanan 40.000 rupiah padahal jumlah pembelian tercantum di menu 39000 rupiah. Dia mencuri 1000 rupiah dari kami. Saya gak keterima itu. Saya kesal sekali, hingga saat ini. Saya tidak akan berbisnis dengan orang seperti itu. Lebih baik mundur daripada kotor terjurumus seperti itu. Pukullah saya jika saya salah. Tapi saya akan balik pukul sekeras mungkin.Nanahlah engkau.

me and my friends at dahan awi bandung

Facing reality

Closest things..
First things are aprroval from the closest family you have..family.
Everything I do, would need their approval..
Im not a slave to be told to do this, and that and this and that?
I mean, I have my own free will.
What do you think of Oil and Gas companies?
Are they nice people?
People who dig holes, letting gas out, oil , Carbons from milliar of years of “cycle process from the age of dinosaurs “..
People are just taking it for their advantage.
Do they remember of who created dinosaurs?
The creator of the earth itself?
The cycle?
The idea of putting dinosaurus on earth and killing them all milllion years ago, so that they become oil.
People should be greatful and thank Allah SWT as the director.
Well, do they?
So the question is : What should I do?
My parent tells me that I should work at an Oil and Gas Company because the salary is like “very big”.
I dont know.

Now, I’m in a middle section where what I want to do needs to face what my father tells me to do.
God help me..